Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Toddler Catch 22

The husband is in Orlando on "business". Days spent in an exhibit hall scoring new leads, answering emails & attending conference calls, spending evenings having fancy dinners & representing the Lakers at the Magic saturated ESPN Zone. Add to that a nice quiet hotel room that someone else cleans for you. After 3 full days & nights alone with a 3 year old, it sounds like a vacation to me!

Being new to the Stay-at-home-mom (SAHM) thing, I must admit that I feel EXTREMELY grateful to have this opportunity. It is something that I have dreamed about since I went back to work when B was 9 months old. However, even though it is a blessing, I refuse to pretend that it is all roses and rainbows. This is tough. Especially when John is away. He is a hands on dad and his presence in the evenings is a much needed mental break for me.

Please tell me that I'm not the only one that has the screamed the following in thier head: 1) SHUT THE HELL UP!!!! 2) STOP TOUCHING ME!!!! 3) GO AWAY!!!! Ok, it may just be in my head, but it still makes me feel guilty. And, I will admit, milder versions of these same sentiments have been spoken out loud frequently in the last couple days.

There's a catch 22 known to all parents. Just when you get what you want (peace & quiet), the worry sets in. The problem with toddlers is that just when you get your much needed silence, you remember that a silent 3 year old out of your line of sight is NOT a good thing. It can mean bad stuff, including but to limited to: 1) half a case of organic milk boxes opened & emptied on the kitchen floor, 2) Vaseline spread all over the couch, 3) kitten smothered under a blanket, 4) crayons used on the walls....etc, etc, etc...

This week I have found a temporary wormhole in this reality. Temporary because, as with all things toddler, I have learned that solutions to my frustrations are most times transitory and I refuse to get my hopes up or get attached to my new found distraction. I bought tempra paints for the afore mentiond Father's Day gift & threw some paint paper in the cart as well. SCORE!!! Brayden will happily sit and paint for up to an hour, as long as I am willing to refill! So, this is my grateful item of the day.

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