Thursday, June 4, 2009

I'm starting to think there's something to being a nudist

There's a strange little place, near where I grew up, called Glenn Eden. It's essentially a RV/Trailer Park where people live/visit and live their lives in the nude. My parents used to go once a year with their softball team to play the parks residents (my parents wore clothes!) They'd return with funny stories of all people and antics. There were the men that slid head first (OUCH!), how the women on my parents team would fight to play catcher (wink wink) & how the people really weren't the kind you'd WANT to see nekkid. I always thought it was strange and wondered what the draw to live like that was. And now I've figured it out!!!


ARRRGGHHH!!!! Is it just me or does the effing laundry never STOP!!!!??? I just got finished folding & putting away about 10 loads yesterday. Now mind you, this was combined from our week & half long trip plus the pile up in the meantime. I hate folding & putting away so I usually do the laundry until it is pretty close to done and then spend a few hours folding putting away all at once. It sits on a table in corner of our super *tiny* living room. I bet you can all guess how much my hubby appreciates this. But really, with the 500 trains/cars/balls/stickers/crayons that constantly pollute the space, what the hell is the difference?

So getting back to the point, I cleared the table yesterday. John was VERY impressed! Guess what? As I sit here, giant iced coffee in hand, there is a new heaping pile on that same table directly behind me! WTF? How do we have so much laundry? I pretty much wear pjs every day (I've become very creative on how to "dress" them up to be suitable for errands, I'll save that for a later post). Granted, B is not fully potty trained, so that adds a bit, but how the hell do you do it if you have 2, 3, or 18 kids!!!??? (Crazy Duggars)

Okay now, because I promised myself that I am going to record things I'm grateful for, things I've accomplished, or things I've learned.....let's get to it!

Today's Happy List:
  1. I finished all my week's errands in an hour & a half! This left me with 1.5 hours of chill time before getting B from school....SCORE! I watched "Little Children". Very disturbing.
  2. Toward one of my goals of becoming more financially sane, I have been making my coffee at home. I make extra each morning, pour it into a bottle & store it in the fridge for a GIANT iced coffee in the afternoon (see "tons of laundry"!). This also supports my goal of creating a smaller carbon footprint. (More on goals in a later post....I'm not too organized with this blog thing....OH! Mental note to add that to the goal list!)
  3. I bought the new Purex Laundry sheets today! Toward my goal of "greening" my house & reducing the crap that clutters my tiny domicile. I know that this is not the MOST green alternative. I'm sure there is a site somewhere that could teach me how to clean my laundry with storm water I catch in a bucket, soap made from hemp, and a rock to beat them on. But the blog's called "SMALL" Steps...not "crazy hippie mommy". If anyone has any input on this matter, please share!
And so the moral of the story is.....who knows? I'll let you know after I get back from paying my space rent at Glenn Eden.


  1. I think the moral of this story is that naked is good. I have been saying this for YEARS, and nobody will listen to me...

  2. I always questioned nudists intentions, but now it makes perfect sense. Rent me space as well, would ya?