Friday, October 9, 2009

Breaking my blogging silence....

I've been away far too long. My instinct is to explain my absence with a lengthy list of justifiable excuses. As my mother says about Thank You Cards (which I am HORRIBLE about writing), it takes five minutes if you do it right away, 2 hours if you wait longer than a month. But in all reality, my absence comes down mostly to the fact that I am lazy and easily bored. And I have had nothing really interesting to talk about. Hopefully this post will "break the seal" as it were, and get me blogging in a more regular pattern.

So let's start with a few facts:

1. I am a big ole liberal (shocking, I know)
2. I really, really, really HEART Obama.
3. I am confused by the awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize today

Here is where my progressives turn on me & my conservatives (Will & Tracy, cause I know you're probably the only ones still listening) poop their panties in delight. HOLD THE PHONES!!!! Tara doesn't think that he deserves the honor??? Hell must be freezing over!

But here's the just feels wrong. Cheap, almost. I haven't really heard any great arguments as to WHY he won, not even from the most liberal of media. I keep listening, watching, scouring the web, thinking "maybe I missed something"? Did I miss a really important move on the WARS (that's right multiple!), nuclear weapons, human rights, global warming? Was I busy cleaning up shitty underwear in my quest for a fully potty trained 3 1/2 year old? (Yes he's closing in on four & still crapping in his pants people! Don't judge! focus!) Did one of my issues of THE WEEK get lost in the mail?

I am more progressive, more liberal, more of a DEMOCRAT than the average gal. I spend my day soaking in Rachel Maddow, Keith Olberman & the aforementioned THE WEEK. Ok, I watch a little KLG & Hoda too, but just to laugh at them, I swear. I still daringly wear my I "heart" Obama shirt to pick up B at preschool. And while I TOTALLY applaud the words that he speaks (for I do believe that words have power), appreciate the moves he has made no matter how small (Guantanamo closing announced, but not actually closed??), and understand that he is dealing with more immediate "everyday" issues; I still think that there have been no REAL, HUGE, WORLD CHANGING actions taken to deserve such a distinction.

To me this feels more like a "Thank God You're Not Bush" Prize. And I actually feel a little sorry for Obama. This definitely puts him in an awkward position. No matter your politics, you have to admit that the guy is intelligent as all hell. And that being said, you have to think that he knows that this is just not deserved....YET. I still hold a great amount of HOPE that he will do great things. Maybe this prize will inspire him to get moving already!