Wednesday, June 3, 2009

So much to do, so little energy to do it!

It must be something about turning 30 that makes women evaluate their life. Almost everyone I know is asking herself variations on the same questions. Am I happy? Is this the happiest I can be? Is this how I envisioned my life? Has my vision changed? Am I a good mom? Wife? Friend? Citizen?

I have been wrestling with these things over the last year or two. The thing're not supposed to talk about it. Your supposed to be happy. Happy with your life, happy with your marriage, happy with what you have. To question these things is to say you don't appreciate them....that you're ungrateful.

Well, I DON'T BUY IT! It's faulty logic. Examining things doesn't make you appreciate or love them less, but the opposite. It helps you to fine tune, even extract more happiness from the things that are valuable. My hunch is that this logic grew out of the idea that questioning out loud makes you appear weak, and that just can't be tolerated. Some enlightened people would say it does not make you weak.

I offer a 3rd alternative. By openly discussing these things (frustrations with kids, husbands, home, money, jobs, etc) we are admitting weakness....AND THAT'S OK!!! As women, we need to admit these weaknesses to each other. When we stand together and acknowledge that things aren't always perfect, it makes us stonger as a group, a community, and in turn as individuals. We've gotten so competitive that we've lost the ties that bind women together. Each of us holding up our piece of society and lending a hand when someone stumbles.

This is the inspiration behind the blog, but the posts will be much simpler. I have learned that to overwhelm myself usually leads to failure or giving up. I want this to be a place to record simple accomplishments, frustrations, goals, ideas....who knows, maybe even a recipe or two!

I guess you could call it a combination of an online journal of sorts, or a gratitude journal, a to do list, a place to connect with friends and share ideas, etc. Who knows? It will probably change and morph overtime. It will be fun to see where it takes me.

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