Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Everything I know, I learned from Reality TV

Ok, so the post title is an exaggeration. But I do heart me some reality TV. I've been a fan since the first episode of the Real World (the og NY version, when it REALLY was reality).

I mentioned the Crazy Duggars in an earlier post. I call them Crazy in the most loving way. I really do love this wacko family. I'm enthralled by them in the same way I slow down to stare at a car accident just to see if I might catch a lone head rolling across the highway (I know, I have a dark & cold heart....deal with it). On a side note, I spent Saturday nights watching this in high school...yep, I had a goth streak going on.

The Duggars are sweet little things that have STRONG beliefs that they seem to actually live. I say seem, because as recent events have shown, it may be any day that we learn Jim Bob (that's his real name...so fun!!) is a coke snorting homosexual. I sure hope not, but ya never know! These people wear modesty swimsuits for God's sake (literally). That's so hardcore! I respect going to extremes, whether it be 18 kids & counting, or living in a treehouse eating raw food & braiding your armpit hair. I can't even commit to my hair color, much less homeschooling 18 damn kids!

Ok, so Mommy Duggar comes across as this super sweet, somewhat ditzy, totally patient, supermom. When I first started watching the show I was amazed with the way that she never raises her voice, her house is always clean & her children are totally well behaved. Talk about making you feel like the shittiest mom on the block. I have one kid, yell constantly, live in sloth & my kid is anything but well behaved (he's cute little midget though). Then I realized she has some things going for her. First, all the kids have "jurisdictions" that they are responsible; basically just a cult like way of saying that they do the same set of chores everyday under the threat of death (which I assume is given off camera...how the hell else do you get them to do it?). Plus, they don't watch tv to learn how real kids act and don't go to school to get the opportunity to fall in with the meth heads that you just know are big in Arkansas.

As I said in the very first post of this blog, I have a problem with women not being honest with each other, and thus making others feel bad for experiencing the real struggles of parenting & marriage. So, I think Mommy Duggar is sort of guilty of this, but most of the time I just think she is clueless. UNTIL a recent comment slipped through those un-lipsticked lips (makeup is apparently of the devil....without it I would look like a demon from hell). She shattered my belief in her at that very moment.

What did she say you ask? What could be so offensive? When asked what she liked best about having a new baby, she said that she loved being up with them at night! I CALL BULLSHIT!!!! There is just NO WAY, after having 18 kids, you do not value your sleep at least as much as I do with one! I'm betting it's closer to another threat of death by Mommy Duggar (off camera again) if anyone DARES wake her from her slumber. Now I'm wondering if she is totally full of it, trying to hide the ugly realities of life (the unfortunate habit of moms these days) to put up a pretty facade & or heavily hopped up on the best drugs that money can buy. I'm betting on the last one.

One last mention of reality TV. Jon & Kate have been in the news a lot lately and I feel horrible for the whole family. But really I feel awful for her. Everyone talks about what a bitch she is & that no wonder he fooled around.....how misogynistic can we as a society get?? She has 8 flippin kids under the age of ten....OF COURSE SHE'S A BITCH!!!! Plus her husband behaves like a child himself. I appreciate the "REALITY" that she portrays. It makes the rest of us mommies-on-a-ledge feel like maybe we ARE normal!

So yes, I am a ex-goth, ex-sorority girl, current SAHM whose feminism has been reinforced by the power of Reality TV.