Friday, June 5, 2009

Only Happy Thoughts

I intend to flesh out my goals this weekend. They are all clear in my head, as I have been working toward them for some time now. I really just want to put them in writing to help organize my thoughts & to clarify to everyone who bothers to read this drivel, just what's going on here. But for today I wanted to record some happy thoughts.

The Happy List

1. I am happy to have a President that I respecct & who inspires me. That's it. Nothing profound, just a joy that pops into my head at least once a day.

2. Brayden & I had an EXTREMELY successful art project today. If you've never had a 3 year old you just won't understand what a BIG win this really is. I make it harder, because my inner Martha comes out & wants to take over. (side note: I hate Martha....ok hate is extreme....but I resent what she does to women....more on that in a later post). Long story short, B had fun, I had fun, I had a few quite moments while he worked on his own, we learned about letters & colors, and John will have a nice Father's Day present. (shhhhh....don't tell!) SCORE!!!

3. Yummy dinner!! Whole roasted chicken, roasted potatoes & veggies. Get used to food posts. This is one of my biggest joys. It combines so many of the things I love & the things that are becoming increasingly more important to me. Taking care of my family, being a good steward to the Earth where I can, bringing sanity to our finances, and dedicating a moment in the day to sit and have a conversation as a family. Don't get me wrong, I'm not the traditional housewife that slaves over the stove because that is what is expected of me. Beleive me, John would appreciate if I threw a frozen pizza in the oven once in a while. This is something that I truly love. I have loved to cook, try few foods & create new recipes as long as I can remember. It is so nice to have the time to spend enjoying something I love and that is appreciated as valuable to my family. And the conversations that you have with a 3 year old over dinner are the best thing ever!!

Some of you may have heard this one through John's facebook, but it's just too damn funny not to repeat. For those not in the know, my husband's company sells Banking Compliance Software. I know....exciting stuff....please resist sending your resume for immediate hire. So the conversation went like this. Brayden: "I want to talk about dinosaurs". John: "I want to talk about work, did you know we released a new product on Reg Z: Early Disclosures today?" Brayden: "No Daddy, I want to talk about dinosaurs"! If only I had known it was that easy!

Well that's it.....nothing too funny or profound...just a few things that make me smile. Sleep well all!

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